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"Stay-Lo" Reile's goal is a world title

By Mark L. Elwood
2-7-2008 @ www.womenboxing.com

Stacey “Stay-Lo” Reile of Miami Beach, Fla., is a dangerous super bantamweight fighter who is determined to not let life’s hurdles and setbacks keep her from her goal of a world boxing title. She has overcome management changes and a lack of interested opponents to remain unbeaten and clearly in the title picture this year. She’s looking for an opponent for a bout later this month. Here is a recent Q&A with the energetic and upbeat Reile:

Q: So, what's a nice New York girl doing in Florida?

SR: I'm smart, that’s what a New York girl is doing in Florida -- enjoying the sunshine! The energy in Miami Beach is like no other place in the world!

Q: Do you have a full-time job to supplement your boxing income?

SR: I’m self-employed. I make my own schedule. I work an hour here and an hour there, allowing plenty of time for me to train like a nut! I am surrounded by great people. I have interesting, beautiful and 'fortunate' clients/friends, and they are very appreciative of me as a person, fighter, trainer and massage therapist. They love my energy. I make them laugh ... they're always seeing me zip up and down the street with my dog! (They’re great. I love them, too! Hey, Ivana girl!)

Q: You recently posted a UD6 win against Maribel Santana in Miami Beach. Was that a good test for you after 13 months off?

SR: First of all, no offense, but I wasn't “off” for 13 months. I was still in the boxing gym hardcore, ripped for all of 2007, though I did not have a fight. Plus, I was training alongside my private clients to motivate them; doing massages, running with my dog … I possess an "always take the stairs" type of attitude!

I was “inactive” fight-wise for 13 months because: 1.) No promoter/manager for most of 2007; 2.) Difficult to find opponents (I have a list of seven names for my next, Feb. 23, fight who said "no," they don't wanna fight me ... but I’m not one to try to smear names, so I’ll keep it to myself. Karma!)

3.) I was posted in a newsletter as an official “contestant” for the “USA Team” of this reality show, so I thought it was a sure thing that I was on the show, and it was a short time away from starting. Later, when I wanted to know what was up with the show … they said I was “on the edge of the criteria,” of experience, for the show, that maybe “you are too good” and “we don’t want anybody to get hurt.”

Mmm-kay, so then I never heard from them again and I turned away a couple of opportunities because of it, thinking if I got another fight, I'd definitely have “too much experience.” I would still love to be on the show, but I’m not holding my breath.

Besides being “inactive” fight-wise for 13 months, 13 is my lucky number. Trust me, I’ve gotten better, hungrier, stronger and more confident in that time.

Q: She had the best record of your opponents so far. What kind of fighter is Santana? Describe the fight.

SR: I didn’t consider Maribel Santana as “a test.” I considered her a stepping stone. I’ve had sparring sessions more difficult than that fight, and when it was over, I was like, "is that it?" Sweet girl, but a survivor type of fighter. She head-butted me more than she hit me! She tried to throw me off my game early with a head butt that I never felt, but I saw my eye swelling a little. I said, "Uh-oh,” for a second, thinking how would I see for 6 rounds? Then I said, Nope! Now she’s gonna get it!” She never touched me after round one! They say I almost knocked her out more than three times. I thought twice. All I remember was one uppercut when she went on her tippy-toes and made a funny noise, like “woo-hoo,” and the second time when I hit her so hard with the left hook that she went eight steps sideways.

All she caught me with was a head butt (or two or three), one clean right and another clean punch that was clearly after the bell. It was like “ding ding ding,” then she threw as hard as she could. Iit didn’t hurt me. I didn't even flinch! I looked her dead in the eye so she would feel low, and I just let my fans handle it. Man, did they boo her! It'll be televised for you all to see. She did a lot of running and holding for the whole fight, not hardly engaging me at all. (No information on TV times was available at presstime.)

I guess it was all she could do, cuz my offense is fierce, both hands ... coupled with very technical defense and I'm a little "loco en la cabeza." She did the 'cut throat' thing to me at the weigh-in. I did it back to her, laughed and said “No gordita!”

Q: So, what’s next for Stay-Lo?

SR: I’m just gonna keep doing my thing. It’s working!

Q: You're now 8-0. Who will you fight next? Do you have a tentative plan to reach a title fight soon?

SR: Yes, I'm 8-0 into 2008. I’ll fight anybody when the time is right, taking it a day at a time. We'll see what happens. I'm on the right path! I’ve had people from major sanctioning bodies tell me, “You should have been a champion already! I just keep training hard, staying one step ahead! I do love the WBC belt, though (something about the gold and green)!

Q: How long have you had your MySpace (http:// www.myspace.com\staylo4real) page up?

SR: I've had my page for around two years: 3,000 friends and 80,000 profile views later!

Q: Anything else you'd like to tell your fans?

SR: I don't have to tell my fans anything! They already know, “L-O, L-O!!!” I do love them. They are so good to me! Thank you for all for your support and love on my webpage!

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